Every golfer has unique needs and unique capabilities. I will use my 30+ years of golfing experience to help each individual reach their maximum potential. I have been teaching for the past three years focusing on players that are highly motivated to get to the next level.

I will share with you the knowledge from my own experience playing out on the tour to help you become a better overall golfer. I will cover the “how to” in the golf swing, chipping, and putting. But more importantly, I will help you to navigate the golf course better, make smarter decisions, practice productively, focus levels, and play better golf…period.


1 Hour:  $200

Half Day:  $800

Full Day:  $1500

Playing Lesson:  $300/hour
(Plus applicable green fee)

Trackman Combine & Analysis:  $200


I believe this is a missing component of golfers trying to reach their new heights. Many struggle to understand what it really takes to get to the next level. To play at a high level, it is NOT always about the technical components of your golf game.


Whether you are a junior golfer trying to get a college scholarship, college player thinking about turning pro, professional golfer trying to get to the highest level, I can consult with you the best options for you to expedite your progress. Parents are also welcomed to consult with me regarding best options for their child’s future in golf. This consultation will provide a road map for success, goal setting and achieving it, realistic expectations, and all questions regarding the growth of the player.


I am confident about the value of this consultation because I have also lived through these stages in my career. This consultation will provide a guideline, so you or your child has a higher chance of success.