Jin is a passionate supporter of the National PKU Alliance (NPKUA).

Phenylketonuria (PKU) is an inherited metabolic disease that prevents those affected from converting phenylalanine (part of protein) to tyrosine in the liver. Without an unimaginable, highly restrictive diet that includes special medical formula and prohibitively expensive medical foods, as well as constant monitoring with blood tests, babies who are born with PKU will become severely mentally disabled in a short period of time.


Because PKU is very rare, with only approximately 16,500 living with PKU today in the US, it is considered an orphan disease. The burden of funding therapies and a cure falls to those families and individuals who are living with the condition.


Jin is personally involved with the NPKUA and a special charitable golf tournament in Northern Virginia to help raise awareness and much needed funding for a cure.

Jin strives to help NPKUA’s mission to improve the lives of individuals with PKU and pursue a cure.